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Jeffrey H. Mackay, Esq.

Mr. Mackay is Of Counsel to the firm.  He is highly experienced in securities law, mergers and acquisitions, public offerings and compliance matters.  View his bio and contact info here:  Jeffrey H. Mackay, Esq.

James  S. Brasher, Esq.

Mr. Brasher has extensive experience across a broad spectrum of areas, including general business litigation, personal injury litigation and transactions.  View his bio and contact info here:  James S. Brasher, Esq.

Erin L. McCreary, Esq.

Ms. McCreary has twenty years experience in the areas of taxation, estate planning, trusts, wills and contracts.  View her bio and contact info here:  Erin L. McCreary, Esq.

Martin J. Mullen, Esq.

Mr. Mullen is the firm's managing partner, and is preeminently experienced in both litigation and transactions involving business, commercial, and real estate interests. His expertise includes land use and regulatory proceedings. View his bio and contact info here:  Martin J. Mullen, Esq.

Charles E. Rowe, Esq.

Mr. Rowe has over four decades of experience as a business attorney.  He has acted as general counsel for more than 100 businesses.  View his bio and contact info here:  Charles E. Rowe, Esq.

Tony R. Skogen, Jr., Esq.

Mr. Skogen heads the firm's employment law practice, advising both employers and employees in all matters involving the workplace.  View his bio and contact info here:  Tony R. Skogen, Jr., Esq.